Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lies and Me (Prompt: Form Poem- Blitz)

Don’t give me rules
don’t give me lies
lies and secrets
lies and mystery
mystery is good
mystery loves company
company policy
company man
man oh man
man that’s gross
gross me out
gross minus net
net that flounder
net that man
man is the problem
man is the oppressor
oppressor wears a badge
oppressor lacks compassion
compassion is love
compassion is temporary
temporary happiness
temporary substitute
substitute teacher
substitutions are extra
extra extra read all about it
extra papers given away
away with the wind
away with my youth
youth that is forgotten
youth that is despised
despised like a Nazi
despised and spoiled
spoiled child
spoiled milk
milk of human kindness
milk and honey
honey hair
honey in her kiss
kiss her there
kiss her goodnight
goodnight, my love
goodnight and God bless
bless you in all your glory
bless this mess
mess around with me
mess up the bed with me
me minus you is such a lonely ride
me love me some you


  1. I love this one, my brother, and I alert you to a brilliant documentary, "Louder Than A Bomb", hopefully coming to a theater near you. I screen film submissions for a couple of major film festivals, and this one is in my all-time top ten, suitable especially for a poet like you. Also, thanks for the hug, I'm drinking a Red Hook Ale in your honor.

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    This is SUCH a great read. "Love me some you," indeed; no higher compliment can be paid to any woman worth her salt... or to any man, for that matter.

    This poem has wings. Love me some flyboys! Amy

  3. @Dan Thanks for the kind words and for the tip about Louder than a Bomb. Cool gig , screening films!

    @sharp this was a streamofconsciousness thang - I like seeing what connections my subsconscious makes.

  4. I really like this one -- I like the frenetic pace of the form (though I haven't yet tried to write a blitz myself). I like how everything ties together & love the way it ends.