Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Intellectual’s Secret (Prompt:Silly Poem)

I did not take up the title
of The Intellectual
until my mentor
at the university
lauded me as such.

I studied long and hard,
collected all the necessary
cultivated the
learned perspectives
on matters
diverse and far-reaching,

graduating from
a mere bookworm,
an outcast egghead,
to The Intellectual.

As the academician,
I learned to
converse confidently
with the cognoscenti
of every milieu,
and when unsure
of my abilities
I can fake it
passably .

But, just as every
person casts a shadow,
every persona has
its secret,
and here is mine,

it is atavistic,
and certainly not
politically correct:

watching videos of
wearing formal wear
smoking cigars
or zooming around
on rollerskates

will always
make me giddy
with laughter.

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