Friday, April 29, 2011

Ode to Julius (Prompt: Ode)

As far back as I can remember,
you were the uncle that I only read about
and saw from a distance
in black and white.

You were sardonic and intelligent
and the first man
I ever wanted to be like.

Your nightly prayer:
“Unborn yesterday, dead tomorrow;
why fret if life be sweet?”
might’ve made
the Buddha smile.

The fact that you
always made the wisest crack
in the room
was awe-inspiring.

Some may have forgotten you,
but I carry you as an iconic ideal,
and keep studying,
in my vain attempt to become you.

In you
I saw a reluctant prophet
whose mission was to deflate
the world’s pomposity,

and in this self-important,
narcissistic society,
it is a calling worth emulating.

I regret that
the only time
we ever met
was at Eden Memorial Park Cemetery,
at your marker,
decorated with
a lone Star of David:

“Groucho Marx,

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