Sunday, April 03, 2011

The World Without Me (Prompt: What Would The World be Like Without You)

The world without me
is a less painful place,
with fewer sharp words spoken
and it is certainly
less cluttered with
my literary children,
orphaned and unclaimed
in faded boxes in the closet.

It moves smoother
without my insistence
at gumming up the works
with my nagging questions
that seem argumentative.

There are fewer
home baked cookies
but more pieces of pizza
for everyone else.

There are fewer ideas
that could only come from
my mix of history,
heartache and

and the most beautiful woman
in the world
spends her life
with someone
who probably looks like a
better match
for her,

but isn’t.


  1. I like the contrast here - recognizing your own so-called "shortcomings" but also self-worth... with, of course, your usual humor.

    Never stop writing, dear Moskowitz - your poetry never fails to light my day.