Saturday, April 30, 2011

As I Leave the Time Machine (Prompt: After Leaving Here)

Sitting here 
with the time machine,
I make glorious plans.

I am taken back to 
some golden, some bitter 

and taken to dreams, 
allowing myself the conceit 
of clairvoyance.

In the time machine
everything that I am not
does not matter 

it’s just me 
these fingers 
this keyboards
and these thoughts

working in concert 

for some creative
common end. 

While a man sitting alone at 
a machine 
can hardly be called noble,

if he strikes the idea 
just right 
and the Muse 
has been kind

he’ll write something
that might make a difference

even if that difference 
is only
a smile.

I keep trying, 

though the ideas be 
modest or miniscule.

Perhaps they’ll outlast me
as an incomplete legacy, 

as I leave the time machine
of writing

I will re-engage 
with the real-world

long enough and
deep enough 
to hopefully find 

still more
to bring back 
to the machine.


  1. most people, i think, go through each day wishing they could make a actually do so...that you've achieved this level of enlightenment at, what, 45,46,47?!

  2. Re- engaging with the real world is
    important.Sadly,it doesn't compare to the other.At least you have a key to re-enter C S Lewis' wardrobe.It usually has to be handed back mid chilhood.Some naughty children hide them in their shoes and never give them back.Love your poems . Keep writing.They matter.

  3. To make a difference, that is a worthy goal. I like your poetry, yours is a sensitive soul. I especially like your disclaimer at the top of your blog, wish I had been clever enough to think of it first!